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Schererville, IN is home to Atlas Transmissions, one of the area’s premier auto repair specialists. With a dedication to our work that is unmatched by most of our neighboring competitors we have perfected our service to such an extent that we are able to deliver a highly specialized service, in the form of transmission repair, to those of our customers who find themselves in need of technical help.

Some people find that their cars just stop shifting gears, or cannot shirt gears beyond a certain point, and those people are in need of drastic assistance for their automobile repairs.

Transmissions are prone to leaks, breaking, and pieces falling apart as many car owners can attest too. However, if you are interested in preventing these things from happening to you, you should take your vehicle in to see the transmission specialists at our shop. We will inspect and diagnose you car, as well as giving you a competitive estimate on the repairs or replacements needed so you can make an informed decision about your car’s needs. Our service department will do everything possible to make your experience with us a positive one, and keep you coming back for the best transmission service in Northwest Indiana.

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